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Historic golf links on the Fife coast

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Up Periscope!!

New Starter's Office at Elie

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Starter’s Box at Elie, with its submarine periscope (salvaged from HMS Excalibur in 1966) towering almost 10m above, is one of the more iconic sights in world golf. Over the years it has been a constant source of interest to those starting their round and an opportunity for our visitors to see some of the surrounding countryside!

Unfortunately the condition of the wooden building and lack of modern facilities requires a new Starter’s Office to be built. It will be located on the same site but, importantly, the periscope will remain to allow the Starter to issue his time honoured instruction ….. ‘play away please’.

It is proposed that the work will start on Monday 17 November 2014 and temporary accommodation for the Starters will be positioned in front of the clubhouse between the bay windows of the Mixed and Ladies lounges. The estimated duration of the new build is 18 weeks which gives a completion date, weather permitting, of March 2015. A bell will be positioned temporarily by the 1st fairway to be rung as a signal that the way is clear.

During construction the entire site will be fenced off and the access door at the entrance to the ladies’ clubhouse will be closed as will the access gate leading to and from the Baird Course. The only access to the clubhouse will be via the main entrance.

There will inevitably be an element of disruption and noise during the construction period. Golfers’ patience and understanding during this time would be appreciated and extra care taken when teeing off to hit away from the construction site.


New Starters Office